Tactical Solutions for
Strategic Monitoring

Wade / Garcia & Associates, Inc. provides business RFID systems, including hardware and software, to help you identify, monitor, locate and manage inventory and personnel, including access control.

GPS is the choice for outdoor tracking of vehicles.

Active RFID provides superior performance where real-time tracking is required.

Smart Tag is particularly suited to instantly finding objects in difficult environments.


Monitoring Overview

The assets to be monitored require a small RFID tag or I. D. badge attached to the asset or worn by the individual. We provide the hardware devices and the associated software so that you can then view the status and location of assets and individuals from anywhere over the internet.

Wade / Garcia & Associates is now partnered with InfraTel Communications of Texas.

We now offer Fiber Optic, Security, and Structured Cabling Services through our partner InfraTel Communications.

Also visit Wade / Garcia & Associates newest division RFIDSecurityInSchools.com

Welcome to Wade / Garcia & Associates

Wade / Garcia & Associates is a company that provides business RFID systems comprising both hardware and software to help you identify, monitor, locate and manage key assets including inventory and personnel.

We offer an individual RFID and GPS system to ensure seamless end-to-end tracking and visibility.

Our online Campus Monitoring System ("CMS") is an Information System for Campus Management and it aims at Schools, Colleges and educational Institutions across the country. It caters to the complete campus automation need, including access control. The CMS is a fully integrated, intelligent, user-friendly, robust, online and offline software solution.

Online CMS is much more than just a campus management software. It is 24/7 online anytime-anywhere solution which aims at bringing parents, faculty and management together, giving a single interface for all activities happening on the school campus.



Outdoor RFID Monitoring
RFID and GPS tagging system

"GPS is the technology of choice for outdoor monitoring of vehicles over a wide geographic area. When an object needs to be monitored outdoors and also within buildings, then a combined RFID and GPS tagging system can be used. GPS alone does not provide indoor positioning."
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Indoor RFID Monitoring
Active RFID provides superior performance

"Active RFID provides superior performance where real-time monitoring is required throughout a large or more complex area, such as: (i) a school, (ii) a hospital, or (iii) an industrial or office building with many corridors, doors and rooms. An active RFID system for inventory or equipment is valuable where the items to be tracked are high value or when the quick location of the item it important."
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School Incident Management
Prepare for an incident and execute response!

Campus Pass™ provides flexible cost effective access control including incident preparedness, incident lock down and incident

Responder access - across the District's existing access control systems. 

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Manage Customers, Supplies

To support orders placed by customers and to reduce inventory costs, warehouse operations should know the level of items available in the inventory. Entities in the delivery chain also need to know the amount of inventory committed and what is available on hand.
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