Indoor RFID Monitoring


"Passive RFID systems can be used over short-ranges where the objects or individuals to be monitored pass through a small number of known narrow points that can be automatically monitored – such as a pallet of goods passing through a door in a warehouse or an individual passing through an entrance to a building. Passive RFID systems are only capable of recording the movement of objects at those specific choke points and they lose visibility outside of those points.

Active RFID provides superior performance where real-time monitoring is required throughout a large or more complex area, such as: a school, within a hospital, or within an industrial or office building with many corridors, doors and rooms. Battery powered active tags have far greater signal range and the active readers are generally cheaper, thus making deployment more cost effective overall than a passive system. An active RFID system is viable where the objects to be monitored are higher value, mission critical, have a consequential impact if not quickly located, or there is an additional security, regulatory or health and safety requirement for such information.

Smart Tag is the brand name of the active real-time location and monitoring system, which incorporates both hardware and software in an integrated solution. Smart Tag is a highly configurable system that provides superior indoor positional accuracy to all other systems as it uses patented tri-technology allowing the RFID reader to communicate with the intelligent tag in order to ascertain the location of the item associated with the tag with 100% accuracy. The Smart Tag will locate and record the movements of people and objects anywhere within its predefined reader network. It can govern those movements with a system of rules based on associated events and actions such as an asset passing into a particular zone within the building.

Smart Tag is scalable from a standalone department system to a campus wide network and can be customized to meet the users specific process requirements. Smart Tag can be installed as a wireless system or wired system using Ethernet TCP/IP, or a combination of the two, to send positional data back to the central system with the reasonable implementation costs. With an appropriate password, authorized personnel can then access the server to view the location of those assets or people from anywhere within the organization.

RFID School Bus Tracking


  • People and Asset Visibility
  • Asset and Item Protection
  • Evacuation Management
  • Dwell Time or Time and Attendance
  • Area Detection
  • Access Control
  • Mobile Resource Optimization


RFID School Bus Tracking


  • Secure facilities
  • Protect personnel
  • Reduce asset loss
  • Locate assets/equipment
  • Optimize mobile resources
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Compliance to process
  • Perform real-time stock location
  • Improve estate utilization"