Outdoor RFID Monitoring

Student Tracking RFID

GPS is the technology of choice for outdoor tracking of vehicles, over a wide geographic area. Where an object needs to be tracked outdoors and also within buildings, then a combined RFID and GPS tagging system can be used, as GPS alone does not provide indoor positioning.

Wade / Garcia & Associates can provide a complete tracking system including GPS vehicle mount units and a unique flexible web based application software system. Tracking information is made available to multiple end-users over the Internet from a dedicated password protected web server. The system provides control, visibility, security, safety and real-time management of remote resources.

Our software can be rapidly configured to represent the key information associated with any object class that your organization wishes to track – so it can literally "track anything" through one consolidated system. Most GPS tracking systems assume that only vehicles need to be tracked and so have hard-coded only the handful of fields associated with vehicle information. By contrast our system has been designed in such a flexible way that it allows customers to represent many different mobile object classes or resources – so they may be all tracked and optimized.


  • Overt or covert installation of vehicle or asset GPS units, plus small form factor personnel GPS units
  • Long battery life units with regular data reporting via the GSM/GPRS mobile phone network back to the server
  • Geo-fencing – create multiple user defined boundaries and zones
  • Create custom rules associated with vehicles or objects passing into or out of the one that may trigger further actions or messages
  • Issue alerts by SMS, systems messages or e-mail if rules or conditions are triggered such as a zone boundary being crossed by a specific vehicle or object class
  • View object movements in real-time by configurable tables or through on-screen aping with different icons for each object class
  • Real-time position reporting
  • Automatic arrival and departure notification with date/time stamp
  • Snail trails and journey reports
  • Supports combined GPS and RFID reporting – know where your vehicle is and what road is inside
  • Route history log and reporting including downloads to MS Excel Spreadsheets for further analysis