All-In-One Solution

This solution utilizes RFID tags to track and report the movement activity of assets in your facility.

Using various customized RFID tags attached to your assets and strategically placed RFID readers, we can determine the real time location of assets within your facility (or even across multiple facilities). With the hardware in place, our software tools can help you answer important questions such as:

– Where are your assets right now?
– Where does an asset get used most?
– How often is an asset being moved around?

If you are looking for an automated way to keep track of your assets, this is the total solution for you.

Remote Monitoring

The system is designed to allow the unattended collection of data from tags that are seen by the reader over the course of the data collection timeframe. Depending on the power supply the unattended operations can go from a short time to 30 days or more.
The system has an easy to use touch screen providing the user interface to manage the date/time setting, which way to collect the data, view the actual data RSSI during the data collection, how to retrieve data via a USB stick and how to shut the data logger down correctly.

Quickly and easily add asset activity data logging for:
– Remote Facilities
– Remote Tool Sheds
– Farm Equipment
– Animal Tracking (Domestic and Wild)