Whether your business is a few employees or a few thousand, RFID technology is a cost-effective and simple tool to track your inventory, personnel and access to your building, secure rooms, inventory and technology systems.

The benefits of time and inventory theft prevention are well-known, but RFID asset monitoring & tracking will also help control costs through product inaccuracies, outages, and overstocks, allow for faster asset location and provide real-time statistics and inventory. Your supply chain and the time spent managing it will be more efficient and accurate, allowing you to allocate more resources to growth and company-wide efficiencies. RFID technology is easily scalable and grows with you.

If employee efficiency and focus are a concern, RFID technology is your solution. Badges control access to customizable entry points, preventing employees from accessing and loitering in areas not related to their jobs.

Do schools or school districts receive shipments of your products? Limiting access to your warehouse and manufacturing facilities is critical and reduces your liability in toxic substances or explosives being hidden in your shipments.

RFID monitoring & tracking is a simple, cost-effective solution for many of your employee and inventory management needs.

  • Limit access to warehouses and inventory to be shipped to schools, reducing opportunity for toxic substances or explosives to be hidden in shipments
  • Theft reduction
  • Cost reduction: inaccuracies, outages, overstocks, inventory management and ordering time
  • Faster asset location
  • Limits access to authorized employees only -> -> safety and reduces time waste of employees being in areas not related to their jobs
  • Real-time statistics and inventory