RFID technology has been used in asset monitoring for years. From the computer, tablet or phone you’re using to read this, to your office chair, to the pallets of inventory awaiting shipment, a company’s assets are part of their overall inventory and the value of the business.

How It Works:
RFID tags are placed on office assets, like laptops, file cabinets, chairs and pretty much anything of any value, as well as on materials to manufacture the product and inventory ready to ship. RFID tags make inventory counts and location much easier and more efficient while reducing theft and keeping overhead at a minimum. With RFID data, management can pinpoint the location of an asset and know the moment it is taken out of the authorized area. Our Smart Tag system is customizable to any size or volume of asset, entry and exit points, and provides real time inventory counts and location to a PC, tablet or smart phone.

Construction sites see constant personnel changes and shifts, contract workers, material arrivals and usage, trash hauling and visitors. Tools, materials and even heavy equipment can be tagged and tracked, matching up with the workers and on-site visitors in case of missing materials. Medical personnel can easily locate basic supplies, drugs, scrubs and blood bags, and the hospital can limit access to drug cabinets, supply closets, record keeping areas and computers when using RFID personnel technology, helping management track the source of overused or missing supplies and inappropriately accessed files. Documents, from legal to medical and more, can be located even if they’re misfiled or left in an unsecure location. Schools order cleaning, sanitation, food and learning supplies in bulk, all tracked and kept secure with RFID monitoring. Student desks, computer labs, libraries, and expensive equipment and FFA animals are all protected with RFID tags. RFID monitoring & tracking can even help prevent security breaches, allowing the shipper and the recipient knowledge of who accessed the shipment and where’s it been housed.

Where Asset Tracking Is Used:

  • Shipping/Manufacturing
  • Schools
  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Law Firms
  • Government
  • Libraries
  • Banks
  • Retail
  • Any business with a large volume of materials or files