iLobby FeverCheck™ automates visitor temperature screening during sign-in by discreetly using a thermal camera to scan temperatures and alert you of individuals who present a possible health risk to your workplace.

The high-grade thermal cameras provide temperature readings accurate to ±0.5 degrees Celsius. Where necessary, iLobby’s professionals can consult with you to get ultra-high precision set ups that have a variance of ±0.25 degrees Celsius.

Temperature readings are discreetly taken upon sign-in in a way which protects the privacy of your visitors. The system discreetly flags individuals which are deemed out of compliance, without exposing them to other visitors and employees.

When required, iLobby is able to use HIPAA compliant components to document, store and protect additional data. True to iLobby’s high standards, the solution aims to significantly increase security in your workplace, while staying fully compliant with measures to safeguard sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Automated body temperature checks are becoming a necessity as we move into the new normal, and going forward companies will continue to see an increased need for logging who is coming in and out of their facilities. This not only protects the health of your workplace, but provides contact tracing should there be any incidents.

Combine iLobby FeverCheck™ with COVID-19 workflows for pre-screening and added peace of mind. The mandatory screening questions can help identify individuals who might pose a health risk to your workforce, prior to their arrival on-site.

iLobby FeverCheck™ lets businesses choose the temperature ranges that they are comfortable with, and receive instant notifications when an individual beyond that temperature threshold tries to access the facility. Your security personnel or management team will receive an instant notification when someone is flagged, and your staff can deny access if necessary.

With the use of smart thermal cameras, iLobby FeverCheck™ delivers precise readings with its advanced algorithm which can intelligently focus on the individual, ignoring un-related objects such as hot coffee, and adjusting for external factors in the surrounding environment which might otherwise affect the accuracy of the overall body temperature readings.

The iLobby platform is designed with the flexibility to offer a fully integrated visitor sign-in process for a complete end-to-end solution. iLobby FeverCheck™ helps automate the temperature screening of each individual that moves through your facilities by integrating directly into the visitor sign-in flow.