The potential uses for RFID technology expand well beyond schools and large companies. Any company or job site that monitors employee performance, has secure information, handles money or financial transactions, or sees a high volume of inventory or labor can benefit from RFID technology.

  • Payroll based on volume and other factors
  • Track inventory, tools, computer equipment, janitorial supplies
  • Track worker movement and productivity
  • Security: building entry, office/department entry

The agriculture business sector may be a surprising market segment to see RFID technology, but it is seeing strong productivity improvements. Today’s farmers are constantly measuring yields to rainfall, irrigation, use of chemicals and weather factors. They monitor the number of work hours needed throughout the growing and harvesting cycles and can track seasonal worker volumes for accurate pay. They can also identify top producing workers, workers not contributing a fair effort for their wage, and even find a worker in case of an emergency or spending too much time in one location, which could signal a medical situation. RFID technology can easily be integrated into farm management information systems to provide easy, accurate and usable data as today’s farmers increase production for tomorrow’s population needs.


Visitor management

  • Visitor does not reach destination in appropriate time
  • Other locations accessed
  • Leaves through an access point other than the main office–kidnap risk
  • Frequency
  • Assign accessible areas and exit points
  • Monitoring visitor and staff frequency and time at location
  • Warehouse asset management
  • Secure check-in/check-out
  • Activity monitoring


Personnel Monitoring

Personnel and visitor RFID monitoring is becoming more and more commonplace regardless of the level of security your company or building requires. From corporate espionage to threats to emergencies, management and emergency personnel need to know who is in the building, and where they are, at all times.

How It Works:

RFID or Bluetooth signals embedded in the staff and visitor badges are scanned by wireless readers located throughout the work site. Our Smart Tag system is completely customizable and scalable for any type or size of building and has options for passive and active RFID, as well as options for outdoors and fleet.


The applications of RFID technology in monitoring safety of workers and visitors are extensive. While it may seem obvious, RFID safety monitoring is critical in locating a missing employee or visitor in an emergency or identifying a possible injured person. RFID data is fast and reliable, giving emergency responders extra seconds and the upper hand when dealing with a crisis.

Day to day at the workplace, RFID monitoring helps employers reduce waste, allowing management to study the daily movements of employees and discover efficiencies. An employee away from his desk or station who hasn’t moved in a set amount of time can set off an alert, indicating a possible medical emergency or a time theft situation. Alerts can also be set for employees entering unauthorized areas, visitors being separated from their hosts and accessing areas not in their scope or that are dangerous, or security breaches. When partnered with asset management monitoring, theft of materials, inventory and equipment is reduced while recovery increases.

Access points can be controlled through the RFID transmitter within the badge and allows for tailgating alerts. Other controlled access benefits include data for employee claims on hours worked, access and misuse of equipment resulting in damage or injury, activation of security cameras and more.

Where Personnel and Visitor Monitoring is Valuable:

  • Secure facilities
  • Software companies
  • Embassies
  • Government facilities
  • Manufacturing and shipping facilities
  • Schools
  • Medical facilities
  • Research facilities
  • Banks