Total Campus Security, what does this mean?  To WADEgarcia, this means “throwing a blanket over your entire school district.”  It means knowing where all your students (and Staff) are at all times during a school day (the time you are responsible for them), whether they are on the school grounds or on one of your buses.  It means having at your fingertips a visual display of each student’s location. It means having Campus Monitor.

What makes up Campus Monitor?  It is a collection of modules and applications that all come together in a Website look and feel…accessible to you from anywhere. Some things that Campus Monitor can do for you:

1.  Monitor, log and report all Student & Staff Movements by Location, both on Buses and inside Facilities.

2.  Provide real-time, on-the-fly Bus Manifests and ADA Reports of students: both while riding the bus and within the facilities.

3.  Provide Card/Badge Access to Buildings with number who, where and when reports.

4.  Create and Manage Lock-Down and Situational Response scenarios.

5.  Enable a “Silent Alert“ Button on ID Badges for all users or groups of users (Staff and / or Students) to be utilized in cases of emergency and response scenarios coded for particular events.

a. The system allows for whom, where and at what time the alert was sent.

      the alert can be sent to multiple locations in numerous formats.

b. Example: Students who are being taunting or consistently bullied may be issued

     a badge to send an alert increasing response time for staff and providing a more secure environment.

6.  Utilize the same functions for Asset tagging and Inventory Management of important, valuable assets.

7. Interface with your video system to trigger special event recording and “pop-up” certain cameras

     during these events.

8. Incorporate your intrusion system into the System…monitoring these sensors along with arming

     and disarming each facility.

If School District intends to implement the Smart ID project to their facilities, a pilot will show capabilities of the integrated Campus Monitor system.  The piloting of both the Smart ID/ Campus Pass project and the Bus Manifest project with integration with the existing  access control into a High school and Middle School would demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the integrated systems.  What the Campus Pass pilot features can demonstrate:

Comprehensive control and monitoring of: Access control, location monitoring and bus manifest reports.

One badge does all, along with easy issuance of the badges

User Interface ease of use

Visual Map combining Campus Pass and Campus Monitor, showing the access point (door) and the students/staff surrounding that access point

Staff permissions at the facility level, moving management to the staff at each school

Trigger a situation (through a hard-wired input) and show a lockdown

Another example would be using the “Panic Button” to trigger different  response scenarios

Remotely control the access point (door)—from anywhere

Generate witness / suspect pools through location reporting

Transportation receives numerous GPS-based reports and functions

Special needs receives the Daily Transport Report

Truancy officer receive verification of attendance

Nutrition can reduce lunch line delays

Time & Attendance for staff

ADA reporting

Librarians can streamline the book checkout process

Asset management

Visitor pass management