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School safety is one of the biggest security issues we face today. RFID technology is revolutionizing data security, limiting access to district warehouses and those shipping to schools and reducing the opportunity for toxic substances or explosives to be hidden in shipments. It’s also reducing theft within the schools and district storage areas by limiting access and creating a paper trail to locate missing items.

Student movement monitoring is becoming a hot topic because of its abilities to identify a multitude of situations before they become a real problem or even a crisis. Students and adults not wearing ID badges are easily identified, allowing the school personnel to quickly spot an intruder, who would also be denied access to areas within the campus. In the case of a violent situation, shelter locations can easily be identified, saving emergency responders valuable seconds. Because school districts receive funding based on attendance, the ability to locate a student skipping class or exiting a building is extremely valuable. Tardy rates can also be diminished by identifying the “log jams” in hallways, allowing administrators to redirect student flow, reconfigure locker assignments, or add more adult staff to the area to encourage faster movement. Bullying is a growing issue and a massive liability concern to schools. With RFID tracking technology on student ID badges, large and unexpected gatherings, such as fights, can be identified and quickly dispersed.

Off-campus, student movement can be monitored while they’re on school buses and within the district’s care. The district transportation department can detect traffic and mechanical problems, monitor the speed and adherence to traffic laws, and make sure all steps are completed. Fleet management solutions consolidate multiple tasks while reducing parts theft and automatically notifying the district of a variety of situations. Parents appreciate the ability to track a child’s bus in real time, knowing when to meet them in case of bad weather or to head to an appointment. Alerts can be automatically sent to the parent and district in the event a bus leaves its route, stops somewhere it should not, has an emergency, or the child enters or exits at the incorrect stop or boards the wrong bus. Parents can rest assured their child is safe and where they’re expected to be with RFID safety monitoring technology.

RFID monitoring reports are a valued, time-saving tool for administrators both at the school and at the district level. No longer will rows of file cabinets be needed, filled with misfiled documents that are vulnerable to unauthorized access. Reporting is simple and done through the software or app, which is accessed through enabled RFID chips. Access alerts and audit trails take security a step further, reducing liability in data theft and unauthorized access.

Where are all of the visitors in your building? Did they reach their destination in an appropriate time? Where else did they go? Our schools have to monitor all access points, including back doors and delivery doors, not just for dangerous materials or unauthorized access, but also to prevent kidnapping, materials theft, and unsanctioned photography. Be able to lock down guest badges in an instant with RFID technology!

  • Secure/prevent breach of student and staff data
  • Limit access to warehouses and inventory to be shipped to schools, reducing opportunity for toxic substances or explosives to be hidden in shipments
  • Theft reduction

Student Movement Monitoring

  • Reduce unauthorized access
  • Reduce absences, truancy and skipped classes (key point: schools and districts receive state funding based on attendance rates)
  • Identify crowding problems and redirect flow between classes
  • Identify unplanned large gatherings of students (fights, bullying); could reduce school’s liability exposure

Bus Access and GPS Bus Location of Off-Campus Movement

  • Parent alert if child does not board bus
  • Bus does not reach school on time
  • Bus is off route or stopped in one place too long
  • Bus is late
  • Student exits at incorrect stop


  • Student on bus
  • Late bus
  • Student on wrong bus or access/exit at incorrect stop (prevent bullying opportunities)
  • Number of students using bus
  • Tardies, absences, irregularity of classes missed in one day (skipped classes)

Document Tracking

  • Reduce time spent searching for documents and misfiled/misplaced documents
  • Reduce liability: student and personnel files accessed without authorization, files left to open access
  • Check-in and -out access
  • Audit trails
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Access alerts
  • Increase worker productivity by eliminating searching for lost files.

Visitor Management

  • Visitor does not reach destination in appropriate time
  • Other locations accessed
  • Leaves through access point other than main office–kidnap risk (can exits have access locked?)
  • Frequency

Student Safety Monitoring

Whether students are on campus or off and in your school’s care, know exactly where they are, how they move, and be alerted when an unauthorized area is accessed, or a child exits the bus at the incorrect stop.

How It Works:

Our Smart Tag Real Time Location System (RTLS) is a scalable and customizable solution to integrate passive and active RFID systems and GPS locating systems for school busses. Students are issued a unique RFID tag which is scanned by readers and gateways throughout the school and on the bus.


Parents and administrators know the exact location of each student from the time the bus is boarded in the morning until they debark after school. In the event of an emergency or security incident, the Smart Tag software locates the real time location of students and visitors and provides emergency responders with a list of individuals remaining in dangerous areas, allowing for quick and reliable information to mobilize rescue efforts. In the case of a campus with multiple buildings, tunnels and areas to take cover, speed and accuracy in locating a student is especially critical. In-school movement can also be studied with RFID technology. Administrators can alleviate congestion points between classes and reduce tardiness, discover students congregating in an unusual area which can indicate a fight or bullying, and even alert the staff to students skipping classes and hiding on campus. Alerts can be set for students leaving campus without authorization and for students accessing inapplicable areas of campus and expensive equipment, such as band instruments, athletic gear, ROTC weapons and FFA animals.

Parents love RFID safety monitoring on the school bus. They can start their day assured their child made it to school and exited at the correct stop, know if the bus is running late, and plan a pick up at the bus stop in inclement weather. Districts can monitor speed and traffic violations while ensuring the driver does not deviate from the route.

Where RFID Student Safety Monitoring Is Often Utilized:

  • Preschool
  • Elementary through high school
  • Colleges and universities
  • Stadiums
  • Busses/Transportation
  • Vocational programs and institutions
  • Off-campus disciplinary locations

Roll Call

Your employees are your most important asset. In an emergency, will you know where your employees and visitors are? Every second counts!

How It Works:

Each employee and visitor badge is equipped with a transmitting RFID chip. The unique signal designates the location of the wearer and identifying information, which then displays on your computer, tablet or phone with employee data, a photograph and real time location.


Roll call is part of our unique Smart Tag customizable RFID monitoring integrated software and hardware system. Personnel gathers at their designated muster points and exits the building, which is recorded by Smart Tag. Building entrance data is also captured for everyday and emergency occurrences, so you’ll know if an employee went back in to the crisis situation or remains outside as directed.

Should an employee not reach the muster point, Smart Tag identifies them as “in danger,” and sends a report to your mobile device with their photo, name and last known location. In emergency situations, your employee can be trapped or disabled by debris, incapacitated by smoke, sheltering from a threat, or even simply paralyzed with fear and unable to move. The data provided by Smart Tag is invaluable in saving lives and helping emergency responders mobilize rescue and recovery teams.

Types of Businesses That Use Roll Call:

  • Schools/Institutions
  • Medical/Hospitals
  • Law Enforcement
  • Government
  • Any company with more than a few staff members, in a large building, and that want to protect their employees